The Giza quality seal

Cotton Arbitration and Testing General Organization (“CATGO”) is the organization that supervises and inspect the cotton production throughout Egypt. At the collecting centre each cotton bag is inspected and classified on cotton grade and variety. Once inspected the cotton is transported to the ginning mills where it is weighted and a seed cotton inspection is carried out again by CATGO to ensure it has the correct classification. After the reinspection the cotton bags are arranged according to their classification. CATGO controls all the processes of lint cotton preparation including the manual cleaning of seed cotton on the conveying belts.

The Ministry of Agriculture Cotton Research Institute and CATGO together supervise the emptying of the cotton bags in the blending halls to ensure eliminating contamination and that the cotton blend lies within one grade range allowed to secure homogeneous and high quality lint cotton. The ginning process is supervised by the Ministry and CATGO and the ginning facility to ensure that the cotton, variety and specification are according to the documentation.
As one of our production steps, our cotton is inspected ensuring that our product has high quality and an official Egyptian Giza type of cotton.