Our Story

We shower every day; to get clean, to get warm and feel comfortable. During a shower we dwell off in our minds, come up with great ideas and evaluate the day we had. The moment you step out of the shower, this changes. You dry yourself and go on “autopilot”. We go into a routine, and the nice and comfortable feeling from the shower is completely gone.

When we started this company we thought that the experience of drying should prolong the feeling of the hot and warm shower. However we recognized this is not the case. We had the feeling there was not enough attention for towels and we could not even list one completely devoted towel brand. We wanted to change this.

woman wrapped in white towel

We want to make people recognize their towel and feel comfortable, warm and nice when they dry. This was the reason why we started Gizah. We desired a company which is completely devoted with all its energy and attention to towels. To make a desirable product, a product people will care for.

In order to strive for this, we needed to make a product of absolute high quality and induce it with innovative solutions. As of this we will give a personal towel experience in which every towel is unique.

Towels are seen as a utility, a product that everyone uses daily but is not receiving the attention you would expect for a product that we use so often... Until today; “Gizah will make towels desirable and will disrupt the towel industry”.

Our Approach

We want to make desirable towels, so Gizah will transform all its actions into desirability. We aim to realize this by devoting ‘attention’ to our entire operation to reach the fulfillment that our stakeholders and we desire.