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Exclusive Egyptian Towels

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Strongly influenced by the Egyptian region of Giza that produces the highest quality cottons in the world of which our towels are made. We provide a towel experience that is influenced by the Egyptian growing conditions, culture and style.

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Every towel we produce is one of a kind and unique in every sense of the word. Our towels are made of high quality Giza cotton, produced with the utmost care and eliciting a strong sense of desirability upon your first touch.

Our Values

Egyptian cotton
High quality

Optimal growing conditions enable the farmers in Giza produce the highest quality of cotton in the world. Together with our towel design you will be surprised by the level of refinement and quality.

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Fair & Sustainable

We believe in a fair and sustainable world where we protect and care for our environment. For this reason we realise fair deals with our farmers, minimise our carbon footprint and reduce waste wherever possible.

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You are an individual looking for one of the best towel experiences you can get. We tailor to your needs and listen to your preferences in order to strive for a towel experience that feels personal and intimate.

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